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Submitted on
June 6, 2010
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Diablo Portrait by dragontamer363 Diablo Portrait by dragontamer363
[download for fullview]

A redesigned concept of an old character of mine: 'Diablo' the executed pirate turned guardian Daemon.

I am so, so proud of this picture. I think it'll finally replace Adam as my featured pic (*gasp*)
Look at the skin - look at iiit! -lol It's the best i've done, yet again, so pleased with it.
Overall it took me a good few hours.

So this guy's story is basically he was a nasty and scary pirate that raped and pillaged and all that jazz.
He was executed by hanging when he was 33 (hence the nasty rope burn on his neck)
33 is a key age religiously, so he was offered another chance. He would be resurrected as a guardian Daemon to tecah him about teh value of loving and protecting other people.
Whenever he's seperated form the 'soulmate' that he's involuntarily emotionally latched onto in daemon form, he's in intense pain. so he has to stay by the side of and protect that person until they die or he is released.
His first 'soulmate' is a little girl he gaurded, she thinking he was an imaginary friend. He grew to love her and protect her like a daughter in his daemon form. However in their travels they were best by bandits and the girl was killed.
In pain from the sepration and racked by grief, he wandered for months and months until he found another group of travellers who became his next 'soul mates' he was sworn to protect.
Over time he became a better person as a result. He was granted back his human form, so he could interchange between human and daemon, but he was always the demonic undead.
Here in the portrait he's in demonic human form. The split down his mouth is where his jaw can hinge in two and split out when he roars or attacks.
Scary stuff.

so yup there you go ;)

more old pics of diablo can be found here:
[link] - he's the guy with the emo haircut in purple holding a head, and he's also the white wolf demon thing.

demon form redesign is here


Reference pic: :icontilldeath-stock: [link]
Wonderful Brushes: :iconadonihs: [link]
Great colour theory tutorial: :icongorachi: [link]
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Harvvard Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very edgy, dragontamer363! Love it:)
excellent work!
Ninepoint Jun 8, 2010  Student Digital Artist
i think i like the story even more than the piece, everything is amazing:)
thanks for sharing!
dragontamer363 Jun 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Thankyou :)
and thanks a lot for the fave ;)
In the thumbnail I thought he just had a serious case of cleft chin/butt chin xD
I actually think that the split looks awesome.
(When I'm not looking at it in in a 200x100pixel space, haha)
I think it looks pretty awesome as a whole, actually.
dragontamer363 Jun 8, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks a lot :D
You're welcome. :>
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